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Dependable Storage

Your primary storage needs to be fast, reliable, and secure. Our storage solutions provide the performance you need for your applications or virtualized workloads. We can also provide cutting-edge ransomware protection built right into the storage.

Our storage solutions offer industry leading performance and ransomware protection.

We can even bundle off-site data backups to our highly-available SSAE 18 certified data centers so you have true off-site data protection if disaster strikes.


MixinIT was able to provide us an NVMe storage array that didn't cost much more than a traditional storage array. Obviously, this type of incredible performance and cost savings was huge for our team.
- Jeff Andrews, Advanced Aerospace, LLC.

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A study found that US companies took an average of 206 days to detect a data breach.

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Data breaches are common place today. Don't let your company name be the next one in the headlines.

Silent intruders. Malware. Trojans. Botnets. These are real threats all companies face today. It takes companies several months before they detect they have been compromised.

We can bring the time to detection down to seconds. Our security solutions provide a 24/7 monitoring team with real security experts behind the keyboards. They can detect and respond to any abnormal or suspicious behavior in real-time. We can even offer this protection to your organization without breaking the bank.

Top-tier security doesn't need to be expensive. In fact, we can do this very cost effectively.


All companies need to protect their critical data. Storing backups onsite is waiting for disaster. Take advantage of our easy to use solutions to transfer your backups to our highly-available SSAE 18 certified data centers.

Your backups are encrypted before they leave your network and are also encrypted in transit. Only you have access to your data.

You can rest easy knowing your data is protected and secure.


93% of companies without Disaster Recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.

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