Fully Managed Cybersecurity

Get a fully managed SOC at a price you would pay for a basic antivirus. Don't let ransomware or a security breach happen on your watch!

MixinIT can solve these for you.

Managed SIEM
Managed Threat Hunting
24x7x365 CyberSOC


We have a complete solution for ransomware and antivirus protection, plus it includes a full SOC to monitor all security events. It's a fully cloud hosted SIEM that will give you complete visibility into your organization. We assign a team of cybersecurity experts to monitor all intrusion attempts and suspicious activity 24/7. They will even triage events in the middle of the night!

A study found that US companies without 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring took an average of 206 days to detect a data breach.

Do you have a cybersecurity fever? Let us know and we'll bring more cowbell.

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MixinIT's primary goal is to provide organizations and IT departments solutions that are cost effective and without adding any additional complexity. We know how difficult IT operations can be. That's why any solution we present will be cost effective and you can be rest assured it will be reliable.

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